Terms & Conditions



  • The lease begins at the signing of the lease and ends no later than the end date of the contract.
  • The tenant recognizes that the furniture and the places are in conformity with the inventory.
  • He must return them, at the end of the contract, to the state in which he received them.
  • The tenant can not change the layout of the furniture.
  • The tenant agrees to assume the costs of restoration of damage that he could have made his own walls (paint, holes, collages …), furniture, sanitary and electrical installations or bedding.
  • The deposit will be returned in whole or in part at the departure of the tenant after inventory of places of exit.
  • The tenant agrees to maintain the housing in an order ensuring the respect of hygiene.
  • At his departure, he is required to make the studio in a perfect state of cleanliness. If it were otherwise: during the stay, cleaning will be charged a flat rate of 50 € and will be retained on the deposit.
  • It is forbidden for any tenant to extend laundry to the windows, to deposit any object on the outer edges of the windows.
  • The tenant can not sublet or make available to a third party housing, even for free.
  • In no case may the accommodation constitute the domiciliation of a company or a commercial activity (URSSAF, SOCIAL TAX, SOCIAL SOCIAL ORGANIZATION …).
  • Pets are not allowed in the accommodation except exceptional exception.
  • Each housing has a numbered and allocated parking space; it is strictly forbidden to park more than one vehicle in the communal and private parking of the residence Le Perchoir.
  • Each occupant agrees not to make noise, noise, evening or party at night that could cause noise and hinder respect for the neighborhood (night noises, various manifestations, intolerance, respect common places, etc …).
  • The tenant can not invoke any particular rule or custom allowing him to derogate from the rules above.
  • The tenant is responsible for his personal property and the owner can not be responsible for theft or damage to the personal property of the occupant.
  • The tenant declares to have taken knowledge of this regulation and accepts the immediate cancellation of the hiring in case of non-compliance with the rules.
  • This lease agreement takes effect from the day of delivery of the keys.