About Us

Radj Koytcha

Naïades Location is a subsidiary of Holding RK, the personal holding company of Radj KOYTCHA and his wife Corine. The latter is the CEO of the KOYTCHA CONSEIL group, one of the major players in wealth management in Reunion and business real estate. In addition to the KOYTCHA CONSEIL activity, the group has grown significantly since its creation in 1997 in commercial real estate, property development, the activity of merchants of goods, the sale and transaction of businesses, etc..

This small family company from Reunion has also grown considerably abroad: Mayotte, Madagascar, New Caledonia, France and the United States. Radj KOYTCHA has therefore had to travel a lot on a professional basis. His wife and children often accompanied him on his professional and personal trips. Radj and Corine KOYTCHA have crossed the 5 continents and not far from about sixty countries to date. Often having to use Air Bnb type accommodation, they have a certain experience of what hosts can expect from their stay, from the point of view of both professional and leisure travel.

Two years ago, the company HOLDING RK therefore began acquisitions of extremely well-placed real estate, exclusively on the beach of Roches Noires in Saint Gilles on adjoining plots in order to focus on a very precise geographic location. Thus, the 6 properties offered by NAIADES LOCATIONS are all located in the same place as close to the Roches Noires beach as to the city center of the most beautiful seaside resort of Reunion.

Attention to detail has been taken care of and the houses have everything a holidaymaker can expect during their moments of relaxation.

Drawing on their experience as frequent travelers, Radj and Corine built their concept around two fundamental points:

  • Do not use the car once the guests have arrived in the accommodation,
  • Combine comfort, colors, functionality and aesthetics on each property offered for rental.

NAIADES LOCATIONS therefore takes care to respect these two main principles. We were then very vigilant on the quality of the equipment, the sense of detail, the listening of our hosts and especially the management by two people of all logistical aspects. In addition to the personalized welcome and departure, we offer additional services such as cleaning, babysitting during the day and evening, the possibility of finding providers of local Creole cuisine, etc. We have also developed numerous partnerships with restaurants. , bars, tourist activity sites etc….

NAIADES LOCATION therefore intends to make our guests benefit from the long travel experience of their managing couple so that the stay of our guests remains an unforgettable memory and that they ultimately have only one desire: COME BACK QUICKLY.